Affordable Orthodontic Care in Mission Viejo

cost of bracesLet us cut to the chase and break down all the hard facts about the financial aspect of Orthodontic care. Many people think that orthodontic treatment is as expensive as buying a car. But actually, your orthodontic monthly payment could be less than your cell phone bill. Let us give you some insight into what you’re paying for, what you should pay for and what to expect from your Orthodontic provider.

Normally, a down payment is required when beginning orthodontic treatment. This is designed to cover the initial costs for consultation time, records fees and the placement of braces. But at Staples Orthodontics, we have a no-down payment option available for you.

Commonly, you can expect to have monthly payments over the estimated treatment time, and this is pretty standard. But at Staples Orthodontics, we offer extended payment plans that go past the actual treatment time, making life much easier for you. And for all you realtor-types out there that don’t have a regular monthly income, we have quarterly and semi-annual payment plans available as well. And, if you want to customize your payments, we can do it many ways – just give us a call.

If you are really trying to save money, Staples Orthodontics offers a discounted fee for payment up front and this can really cut the cost for braces.

Beware, some orthodontic offices have an extra fee at the end of treatment that covers your retainers. We don’t do that at Staples Orthodontics because we feel that retainers are just part of our commitment to you.

As you can see, we are trying our best to make life with braces more affordable for you. Come on in and see how we can make financial arrangements that you can live with.

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