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A new survey by Market Tools Inc., shows what qualities unattached adults 21 and older, judge the highest in the opposite sex.


Top 3 things on which men judge women:

  1. Teeth-58 percent
  2. Grammer-55 percent
  3. Hair-51 percent

Top 3 things on which women judge men:

  1. Teeth-71 percent
  2. Grammer-69 percent
  3. Clothes-58 percent


And there you have it! Top things men and women judge. We’re thinkin’ orthodontics is obviously not an option, but a “must have.”

Flossing with Braces

Let’s talk about flossing –YES – the dreaded subject. Why is it that even just the word “flossing” brings forth a feeling of automatic fatigue? Perhaps because it is in fact a time consuming practice. However, we believe that if we can fully understand the value and benefit in it, you will see to it that you make it a daily practice. We will also introduce you to the Platypus orthodontic flosser and we are convinced you will become an avid flosser with this wonderful tool!

Now, first things first, did you know that our gums hold plaque like a pocket can hold stuff? When we leave plaque in our gums we are essentially leaving our “gum pockets” full, which eventually causes them to detach from the teeth. Picture a fence post that is held in place by dirt or cement. If the substance that is anchoring the post begins to recede, then eventually that post will become mobile and eventually come out. Make sense?

The devastating result with teeth is that once our gum and bone tissue have been dissolved away from the teeth, there is no re-attachment – it is simply gone.  When the gums start to melt away, this causes painful sensitivity  and in severe cases, loss of teeth. This is why flossing is imperative. We must make sure to empty out our gum pockets everyday just like we empty out the trash. There is only so much that can be held before a “breakdown” begins.  Not to mention the red, bubbling, bleeding when you brush, and bad odor when you speak.

With braces, flossing is even harder to do because the floss hits the wires. But a special took is available for people with braces. It is called the Platypus orthodontic flossing tool. This nifty little tool makes flossing both easier and less time consuming! Check out

Orthodontic Elastics

Why, Oh WHY must I wear my orthodontic elastics 24/7?!

WELL – here’s the reason:  The 10 HOUR FORCE THEORY

It says that tooth movement will only happen after a special work area has been set up in your mouth. You can’t see this work area because it is under your gum tissue and all around the roots of your teeth. By wearing rubber bands for about 10 straight hours, the special work area has been fully formed and will allow the teeth to start moving. Once you stop wearing the elastics, your body will eliminate the work area and change everything back to normal.

If you leave your elastics out for longer than it takes you to eat, you will need to restart the initial 10 hour set up time.  It is a misconception that you can just “build” upon previous hours put in. Patients that wear elastics only “half time” will see almost no progress at all.

So, if you want to get your braces off sooner, you will need maximum tooth movement. And that only happens with elastic wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By doing it the right way, you have full control of your orthodontic treatment.

Braces Off?

Hurray – you got your braces off!  WooHoo!Braces off?  Wow!

Now it’s time to really show off your new smile, and this time, with no glare.  And all those hassles with braces?  Well they’re gone.

Now you’ve moved into the next phase of your orthodontic treatment.  It is called retentionYou’ve probably already been told by Dr. Staples that your new smile is not completely done yet.  Your teeth are free now and are going to want to move all by themselves.  To stop this movement, you’ve been given retainers that are especially designed to help keep your new smile in good shape.

Expect to wear your new retainers full time for about one year, and after that, night wear only.  Dr. Staples has probably told you that your teeth will want to move your entire lifetime, and especially right after the braces are off.  So be good with your retainer wear – your smile depends on it!


Getting Braces? | Are you ready to change your life?

If you are even thinking about getting braces, you’ve already started your journey. Congratulations! And, if you are wondering if it’s right for you, a complementary visit to Dr. Staples’ office would be perfect. All of your questions will be answered, your specific treatment will be explained, and what’s really cool is you can see examples of people with teeth just like yours.

Getting BracesSurprisingly, your teeth are very special and unique to your face. That smile would look totally different on someone else. When having your teeth realigned, they absolutely need to fit your facial proportions. Their size, shape, color and position all come together to make a beautiful smile – something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

What looks best? Well, evaluating and straightening teeth is a real art, something that Dr. Staples has done for a long time. He is very experienced at customizing smiles and will suggest ideas and thoughts about your smile.

So if you are thing about getting braces, come on in and say Hi. Let’s change your life!

Do Braces Hurt?

So, do braces really hurt? This is probably the most commonly asked question that we get at Staples Orthodontics, and the answer is – it depends. First, we explain to our patients that the type of soreness that is involved with braces is not anything like a throbbing or pounding pain. The actual soreness is more like a bruise – something that you know is there, but doesn’t really hurt until you push on it. Secondly, we explain that everyone has a slightly different pain threshold and if they do feel a little bruising after their appointment, it will probably be gone within a couple of days. Eating a soft food diet is very helpful during this period.

In the past, some orthodontists have had their sensitive patients bite on a soft plastic wafer immediately after their appointment. This was designed to shorten the soreness period by increasing the blood supply to the teeth and their surrounding structures, but we’re not really sure if it really worked that well. Recently a new product was introduced to the orthodontic profession that is a battery operated vibrating bite wafer that has the same purpose as the old one. Since it is new, we’ll have to wait and see if it gets positive reviews. Theoretically, you can probably get the same result by lightly closing your teeth and humming your favorite tune.

Lastly, we’re always on the look-out for things to take the hurt out of braces. That’s why, for years, we have provided our patients with gum to chew on after their appointments.

Affordable Orthodontic Care in Mission Viejo

cost of bracesLet us cut to the chase and break down all the hard facts about the financial aspect of Orthodontic care. Many people think that orthodontic treatment is as expensive as buying a car. But actually, your orthodontic monthly payment could be less than your cell phone bill. Let us give you some insight into what you’re paying for, what you should pay for and what to expect from your Orthodontic provider.

Normally, a down payment is required when beginning orthodontic treatment. This is designed to cover the initial costs for consultation time, records fees and the placement of braces. But at Staples Orthodontics, we have a no-down payment option available for you.

Commonly, you can expect to have monthly payments over the estimated treatment time, and this is pretty standard. But at Staples Orthodontics, we offer extended payment plans that go past the actual treatment time, making life much easier for you. And for all you realtor-types out there that don’t have a regular monthly income, we have quarterly and semi-annual payment plans available as well. And, if you want to customize your payments, we can do it many ways – just give us a call.

If you are really trying to save money, Staples Orthodontics offers a discounted fee for payment up front and this can really cut the cost for braces.

Beware, some orthodontic offices have an extra fee at the end of treatment that covers your retainers. We don’t do that at Staples Orthodontics because we feel that retainers are just part of our commitment to you.

As you can see, we are trying our best to make life with braces more affordable for you. Come on in and see how we can make financial arrangements that you can live with.

Invisalign Problems

Despite its popularity, Invisalign treatment has had a mixed track record of not only producing beautiful success stories, but also of being associated with substantial failures. This orthodontic appliance system requires a number of critical steps to be accomplished before the finished result can become the desired result.

What Happened?

Problems can be attributed to the aligners themselves, the treating doctor and the patient. These problems include:

  • Patient cooperation – not wearing the aligners the proper amount of time
  • The presence of crooked teeth at the end of treatment
  • The presence of height discrepancies between adjacent teeth
  • The presence of “open bites” or even wrong bites on the back teeth
  • Teeth that lean the wrong way
  • The inability of the orthodontist to do subtle finishing details Continue reading »

Musical Instruments and Braces

Are there major problems with wearing braces and playing musical instruments? The answer is No, and that is Good News! Over the years, I have been asked this question numerous times and I have always encouraged my patients to go ahead and musically rock their world.

In the beginning, your ability to play wind and brass instruments will be affected by the new braces, but eventually your lips and the mouthpiece will get used to each other. Meanwhile, the music may sound a little funny as your embouchure tries to figure this whole thing out. Once settled in though, your lip muscles will get back to their usual activity and beautiful music will fill the air. By placing a small amount of orthodontic wax over the braces on the front teeth, any irritations will be kept under control. Eventually though, your braces will come off and you will have to go through the adaptation process again, but this time with straight teeth.

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Critical Timing for Orthodontic Examinations

Even though the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child’s first orthodontic exam should take place at age 7, a very critical time for a more detailed look is at age 9. We all know what crooked teeth look like after they have come into the mouth, but before they erupt, when they are working their way into the mouth, big trouble can be present.

Very often, unerupted permanent teeth want to come in the mouth in surprisingly odd positions. Of particular concern are the canine teeth in the top jaw, often called eye teeth. They are notorious for not only erupting in odd positions, but for the damage they can do. If left unattended, they can literally wipe out the roots of other permanent teeth or possibly erupt in such a bad way that permanent gum tissue damage occurrs.

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