Braces Off?

Hurray – you got your braces off!  WooHoo!Braces off?  Wow!

Now it’s time to really show off your new smile, and this time, with no glare.  And all those hassles with braces?  Well they’re gone.

Now you’ve moved into the next phase of your orthodontic treatment.  It is called retentionYou’ve probably already been told by Dr. Staples that your new smile is not completely done yet.  Your teeth are free now and are going to want to move all by themselves.  To stop this movement, you’ve been given retainers that are especially designed to help keep your new smile in good shape.

Expect to wear your new retainers full time for about one year, and after that, night wear only.  Dr. Staples has probably told you that your teeth will want to move your entire lifetime, and especially right after the braces are off.  So be good with your retainer wear – your smile depends on it!


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