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Your first visit with us

examination photoWe understand that your first visit to an orthodontic office can be a daunting one. Who is the right doctor for you? Will I receive an honest and complete evaluation? Does orthodontic treatment really need to start now? Are there any other cost effective options? These are just a few of the questions that you may have.

Honesty and integrity have always been our strength, and you will experience this on your first visit. We truly believe that the health and happiness of our patients are our highest priority. Our goal is to educate you about not only the orthodontic problem, but also about the various solutions that are available. We believe that once the problems and solutions are fully explained and thoroughly understood, making a decision about treatment becomes very easy.

During your first visit, we will perform a thorough exam of the mouth and facial structures. Then, with a personal and honest approach, we will spend time with you to help you understand what we see.

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