Cutting Edge Technology

Our office is one of the most technologically advanced in the area. Our cutting edge technology includes digital X-rays, digital photos, digital models of the teeth, virtual/digitally assisted therapeutics along with the most state-of-the-art treatment options available today. We also employ the use temporary anchorage devices (TADs). If conventional braces aren’t appealing to you, ask us about clear braces or clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign.
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Conservative Treatment Philosophy

Services - Dr. Staples PhotoThere are numerous ways to correct orthodontic problems. We are constantly evaluating all the new technological breakthroughs in treatment modalities, but only uses proven techniques that have been validated in studies that are published in the worldwide orthodontic literature. For example, some orthodontists choose to initiate treatment when a number of primary (baby) teeth are still present. This is called “early treatment” or “Phase I” treatment. Since these patients almost always need a second phase of treatment later, along with its additional costs, we have a very conservative treatment philosophy with regard to any early treatment and will not recommend it unless there are definitive health or growth related issues, or a genuine desire for improved smile cosmetics.

Choice of Many Local Area Dental Professionals

We have been creating smiles in the area since 1976. Over the years, we have¬†treated many area dentists, their employees, and their families. We work closely with all area dentists to provide a total team approach in our mutual patients’ care.

Our Commitment to Continuing Education

Our entire team attends courses throughout the year to keep up with the many changes happening in the orthodontic field. We love to know about what’s new and improved! Dr. Staples, being a former clinical instructor of orthodontics, is committed to lifelong education for himself and the team.

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