What types of braces are available?

Our practice uses the latest in Mini Silver, Clear Porcelain and Gold braces. And of course we have colors for our braces that can be changed each month. Should you prefer to not have braces at all, we have clear aligners available, like Invisalign. Our office also offers the new self-ligating brackets, like the Damon system.

Braces differ from one another in a lot of ways. How they attach to the teeth varies. Most of them attach on the cheek side of the teeth, while some attach on the tongue side. These are called “lingual” braces.

Braces can look really different. Some braces are clear, nearly invisible, while others are made of stainless steel and may or may not have colored elastics around them. All braces are designed to enable the orthodontist to move teeth in three dimensions. The mechanics or techniques used for moving teeth vary as well. Feel free to ask us about Dr. Staples’ approach to orthodontic treatment.

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